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Container Security Solutions For DevSecOps


Open Source Search & Analytics



Magnolia CMS

Enterprise Java Open Source Web CMS


Secure File Sharing for business


API automation

I’ve been working with the Age of Peers team for over a decade, in roles spanning four different companies. In that time, we’ve tackled market strategy, content development, platform, social, and media projects of all shapes and sizes. One thing has always been consistent: a solid, demonstrated understanding of what it takes to make an open source effort succeed.

Ross Turk, Vice President of Marketing, Anchore

When building the Ceph community website it was absolutely essential that we find a team that could build a modern, clean website framework that allowed us an easy interface to make a wide variety of content discover able. With Age of Peers we got all of that in addition to a quick, agile team that could make corrections, suggestions, and alter direction on-the-fly. I couldn’t be happier with our new site work, and the relationship that we have built with Age of Peers.

Patrick McGarry, Community Manager Ceph

For less than we had budgeted for the salary for a VP Marketing, we received an all-star Open Source Marketing department.

Boris Kraft, CTO and co-founder, Magnolia International Ltd.

Age of Peers played a key role in helping us understand where we were, and how we could leverage elements of the marketing mix to help us realize our business vision.

André Mindermann, CEO, OTRS Group

Age of Peers provided invaluable help planning the launch of our major GNOME 3.0 release.

Stormy Peters, Former Executive Director, GNOME Foundation