The Age of Peers Community Code Of Conduct

Age of Peers is made up of a mixture of professionals from all over the world, working on every aspect of the Age of Peers platform. We strongly believe diversity is our strength and want to promote it.

This CoC does not include any measures in case of violations, but is primarily meant to endorse our sense of community made up of all Age of Peers team members, clients, partners and projects AoP guides on a pro-bono basis.

To that end, we have a few ground rules for engaging in the community. Age of Peers has adopted the following code of conduct (“OpenStack Code of Conduct”) which applies equally to all Age of Peers team members, our clients, partners and projects we guide on a pro-bono basis.

This Age of Peers Code of Conduct also applies to all communication spaces used by Age of Peers, including IRC channels, the mailing lists, issue trackers, Age of Peers sponsored events and any other forums Age of Peers uses.

We do not tolerate harassment in any form. If you believe someone is violating the OpenStack Code of Conduct, please see our Reporting Guidelines below.

OpenStack community members strive to